While not copying originals, some of the features were taken to a better point. Continuous blendable multimode filter (HP-Notch(BP)-HP in 12 dB mode and 4-1 pole in 24 dB mode). VAM button is last played note allocation mode. 32 and 64 bit versions included.


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  1. Attention mac Users — This is How to Get the presets to load into garageband … go to the hidden library (hold option and go from the top menu) clik Audio –clik Presets- this presets folder is where you should put the Datsound and Obxd folders that you downloaded —- now open the Obxd folder here you will find all the folders of presets from bass all the way down to voices , start with the bass folder — open it and drag them all to the desktop, now go back to the dat sound folder and click it now you will have the obxd folder — drag all the basses from the desktop into this obxd folder — now repeat this process for all the other folders of presets .( i discovered this by editing one of the blank defaults ,then i saved it ,then i was able to load back my edit,so i figured that the downloaded presets should live in the same place, so i found the location of my edit ,and put all the downloaded presets in there ,and it worked / i know little about computer file paths so i have written this parrot fashion for people like me ) enjoy the obxd its a great thing, yours sincerely Dave w (guitar player)…

    1. Hello there, does anybody knows how to get the player and presets into ableton live? it would be a big help! thanks

  2. A super synth, works great and sounds lovely… (I’m using Logic Pro X) with lots of good presets to get my teeth into too! Thanks for sharing this little beauty!🙂

  3. amazing synth, used it on ableton for now but want to also be able to use it in logic. i’m still using logic pro 9 – it says that 32- and 64-bit is included in the download, but have tried running the install package and moving the plugin into the components system folder manually but logic pro 9 still does not find the synth. anyone on logic pro 9 here who’s had similar issues?

  4. For Mac users struggeling with loading presets in Ableton Live. In Finder hold alt key and click “go to” > Library
    Go to Audio -> Presets and create new folders “Datsounds” and “Obxd”
    The path has to look like this

    Paste all your presets.

    Now in the live browser go to your AU plugins > Datsounds and click on the arrow next to “Obxd” and all your presets will show up.


      1. Same problem with Logic Pro 9.1.8, not with Logic Pro X, so I suppose you use Mainstage 2 and not Mainstage 3. Install the old version (0.1.0) of OB-Xd and all should be ok.

  5. I’m trying to install the Mac version.

    I click on the OB-Xd installer.. It starts to run.. Goes through step1.. Skips step 2 for some reason.. After the installation stage it just say that installation failed. I could do the install manually but I can’t see and vst files in the download.. Any ideas? Thanks – Sam

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