While not copying originals, some of the features were taken to a better point. Continuous blendable multimode filter (HP-Notch(BP)-HP in 12 dB mode and 4-1 pole in 24 dB mode). VAM button is last played note allocation mode. 32 and 64 bit versions included.





VST Patches

KVR list



AU Patches

KVR community patches

AZur Studio Bank


176 thoughts on “About

  1. wetdentist says:

    this synth sounds great! but i can’t open any presets when i have the synth opened inside Kore. there is no way to access the presets

  2. andyfunnell says:

    I’ve got this working perfectly under Logic Pro 9 on my MacBook and it’s wonderful – the only thing I can’t work out is how to make sure OBXD remembers any controller mappings I set up for it using the LEARN button. I got it working fine but after closing Logic, it forgot all the mappings to my nanoKontrol – I saw something about an fxb file, but is that Windows only? Any pointers gratefully appreciated :-)

    • ZonderP says:

      Can you load and save banks for the Obxd with Logic Pro?
      If so, then this is what you should do: Save a bank when you’re ready with you controller assignments. A fxb file is a bank file.
      Some little information about this topic can also be found in the manual for Obxd.
      Never used neither a Mac nor Logic Pro nor AUs, so hopefully what I said makes a little sense also under this environment.

    • Jon says:

      How did you get it working. I’m using Logic Pro X and cannot figure out how to get it to run. It is recognizing the AUs but not VSTs.

  3. Garry Hughes says:

    Oh my! This sounds so authentic! The first synthesiser I ever owned was an Oberheim OB1. Maybe not the best known of the range but a lovely little mono synth. I still have and it still a sounds great.

    During the 1980s I spent much of my time programming and playing an OBX and an OBXa, the latter being particularly valuable for live gigs because you could split the keyboard and have two different sounds going at the same time which gave it an edge over the Prophet five. I’ve also owned and played the OB8 and the Matrix 12, which, although much subtler and complex never quite had the raunch of the previous models.

    I’ve just found this lovely emulation of all the best features of some of my favourite synthesisers ever. It sounds quite astonishingly brilliant. Unlike many folks I didn’t get rid of my analogue synths when they went out of favour in the 1980s so I still have a really nice collection of classic instruments including a couple of Oberheim SEMs. it’s nice that you have incorporated the bandpass and high pass filter modes which never made it to the polyphonic range.

    I haven’t looked at the presets yet although I’m sure they will be great, I’m just enjoying setting up sounds from scratch and enjoying the real, genuine analog fatness of this plug-in. I still have my Prophet five and Jupiter eight and also a somewhat cranky CS 80 but this will fill a different sonic area. Is there somewhere I can make a donation for this beautiful piece of software?

    Thanks again: Garry

    • Max says:

      So Garry are you selling your old stuffs -:) seriously I’m looking for an Ob-xa these days !
      Thank you for your comment as well,

      • Garry Hughes says:

        Hi Max. I’m not selling any of the analog synths I’m afraid! In fact over the last couple of years the talented and lovely Andrew Jury ( aka synthprof.com ) has been restoring everything to as close to factory condition as possible. It’s been a long process as some of the synths are hard to source parts for. The Jupiter 8 has been particularly problematic to find a new power supply for.

        Have a look at rlmusic.co.uk Richard has beautiful synths for sale. They are on the expensive side but they will be in perfect condition. If you contact him he may be able to find an OBXa. That was my favourite Oberheim polyphonic by miles.

        You can of course try ebay but I’ve heard terrible stories of people buying stuff and the item that turns up either doesn’t work or is different to the one in the picture. There are a couple of music stores in the USA that seem good though. I’m trying to find a keyboard for my ARP 2600 at the moment. It didn’t have one when I bought it. I am currently deciding if I want to buy a second Prophet 5. I know this seems like a dreadful self indulgence but it’s not being used and used to belong to Rick Wakeman and is in perfect condition. My Prophet is pretty battered but sounds great when it’s up and running. It’s a rev 2 and they are notoriously flaky but have the best filters. I’m awaiting the synth prof on this one too…..By the way I’ve Turned Geoff Downs, who is a pal, onto your fab Obxd. I dunno if it’ll make it onto a Yes recording but he was all fired up about it.

        I’ll ask around on the OBXa front.

        Thanks again for a cracking plug-in. You should license it to Arturia and make some dough!

        By the way, one of my recording projects is Bombay Dub Orchestra. We’re on Spotify if you want to play ” Spot the synthesiser.” Or email me with your address and I’ll send you the CDs, it’s the least I can do.

        Cheers: Garry

  4. Garry Hughes says:

    Some hours of enjoyment later…….If you were considering a tweak could we have separate initial pulse width controls for both the oscillators? That would be peachy!

    It is so cool this and the interface is so uncluttered. I also like the fact that there are no built in fx…plenty of those already available.


  5. Realitätbrennt says:

    Thank you!!!

  6. Captain Grumpy says:

    Amazing!!! Now just add a third ADSR envelope so that I can modulate pitch or PWM without having to sacrifice the amp or filter envelope… :)

  7. anon says:

    This is soooo lovely, thanks for creating it!

  8. James says:

    Kore 2.14 (the latest version) is 64 bit, FWIW

    • ZonderP says:

      Yes, right.
      As mentioned, I never used Kore 2 and just downloaded a version I could find on the net to try out.
      As it turned out, it was not the newest one…

  9. Taylor says:

    Hey I’m having trouble installing it on my macbook? I downloaded the file which ended up giving me two things called “obxd component” and “obxd vst”. I placed both in their respective folders in my library\audio\plugins\vst & component, and its still not working?

  10. Edouard says:

    Amazing plugin, great work!
    Thanks a lot

  11. brownbear says:

    The pdf “Manual” is now a dead link; can you please update?

  12. Bats says:

    I’m new to electronic music. Can I use this with a simple midi sequencer program? I just want to make some simple songs that have an 80’s style. Minimalist melodies. Just click with the mouse to make notes etc. I can’t play keyboard.

    • BlackWinny says:

      Yes of course. It works with all sequencers.

      Do you think to a sequencer in particular? Have you already chosen which one?
      If a conversation about the choice of a sequencer may be a bit long, you can join many of us at KVR Audio for example, to discuss of all about OBXD and the way to use it. You have just to start a new thread here :


      Don’t forget to mention the name OBXD in the title of your thread. For example “OBXD – suggestions to use it with a sequencer” or “OBXD – suggestions to choose a good simple sequencer to use it”, With a title of that kind, it will be easier for us to detect it as soon as it is opened, so that we can answer you in depth for any type of discussion about the use of OBXD, the choice of a good sequencer to use it, etc. You will receive many suggestions, tips, tricks, etc.
      (my name in KVR is the same as here)

      There are also other places, of course… (Rekkerd, etc.)

    • Paul DeBrione says:

      I’m not sure you can describe it as ‘simple’ but I can heartily recommend Reaper. It’s ridiculously cheap and I have yet to find where the catch is. It’s really easy to get into but if you want to go full on sound engineer it can handle it. Built in both 32 bit and 64 bit for both PC and Mac. It’s free to try for as long as you want and then it’s stupid cheap to get a licence. Seriously they could add another zero in the end of the price and it would still be a deal. I’m using the OBXD with Blue Cat’s Chorus 4, an EpicVerb and a DensityMkIII in the FX chain and it sounds awesome. Every sound from the golden age of synth rock comes flooding back. Very very beefy bottom end. Oh yeah and everything is free. Completely crazy but I’m not complaining.

      • BlackWinny says:

        Yes. And if you want to know why Reaper is sooooo cheap, it’s directly linked to the personality of his creator. For those who don’t know who is this genious guy, you’ll discover that you already know him by at least one or two very popular gold softwares of the past:


  13. PAco says:

    Im new to Logic, where should I drop the files to make it work in Logic. Thank you.

  14. Frank says:

    The listing for OBXD on KVR lists it as only being Windows and VST when in fact it is also available for OS X and in AU format.

    • BlackWinny says:

      It’s simply because these patches were made during the beta test months. And the beta test months were only for the Windows version. The OSX version came at the very end. So there will be OSX patches in the KVR page, don’t worry (and you’re a bit wrong, there are already some, even in the KVR pack, but you are right, not a lot). It will come, don’t worry.

  15. BlackWinny says:

    So, about the informations indicated in the product page… I know that 2DaT is working hard on something else (on his job, I think), so probably that he has not had yet the time to update his page. By the bye, we all can see that he answers also very rarely in the present comments. I’m gonna add a comment just below the two videos just to point out that indeed it works also on OSX.

  16. Captain Winy says:

    Good to hear that you are alive 2Dat! Now all u gotta do is quit your day job and get to workin’ on that third ADSR-envelope I was talking about… :)

  17. Sergio says:

    Thank you! excellent synth!!

  18. Chris says:

    I’ve download Obxd and a few sets of presets. I got the plug in to make noise so I know it can work, however I have no idea how to point the synth to the presets folders. Can anyone help with this, there’s nothing in the manual about how to achieve this most basic feat and maybe it’s more obvious than I can see?

  19. David says:

    Yes, how DO you load the presets?

    • brendanbe says:

      have a look on the older comments which is a page backwards and there are some pointers there. The OBX doesn’t load the presets via Garageband..for some reason but I’ve heard it works with Logic and some other programmes like Reaper
      Good luck

      • Chris says:

        I’ve searched all the comments and appears that the folder icon in the video tutorial is missing with my OBXD. All my has is “Load Program” and it has 127 empty defaults.

  20. Great synth! I just uploaded some of my own new presets for it to Audiobombs.com. Under DrTW.

  21. Does it work on a non-Intel mac G5?

  22. goldigin says:

    Obxd is THE BEST. i tend to use it everywhere i can.
    But i can’t seem to be able to find it within Live 9 64 bit on OSX.
    My guess is that the plugin i’m using is the 32 bit version. However, on top of the page it is written that both 32 and 64 bit are available, but when i download the package i only see a vst and an au.
    Is it maybe that the OSX version is 32 bit only? or am i missing something?

  23. Frank Lazar says:

    May be I#m missing something: the AU Link does not work download is VST! Can you please, please upload the correct file! Greetings! Frank

  24. BlackWinny says:

    There is obviously a flaw in the file obxd_osx.zip.

    It contains to directories:
    – Obxd.vst
    – Obxd.component

    Obxd.vst should contain the VST version for OSX
    Obxd.component should contain the AU version for OSX

    I’ve just made a comparison between these two directories, a bit to bit comparison with Total Commander. Result: these two directories are exactly the same! Bit for bit!

    See this image:

    Conclusion: one is in duplicate and the other is missing.

    • olilarkin says:

      it’s expected. it’s built with JUCE and on OSX JUCE creates polymorphic plugins… it’s the same binary with multiple entry points for AU and VST

  25. Vladislav says:

    Hi Thank you very much for this program!
    I encountered a problem in Logic Pro 9:
    When I use plagin OBXD In Logic Pro 9 Audio CPU overloaded.
    And this only happens with OBXD :(
    How to solve this problem?

  26. JD says:

    Thanks! Sounds very professional with a great graphic design of the VST. The patch loading is better than most of the commercial VSTs.

  27. Melo says:

    Thanks for this bomb,

    Considering its CPU consumption, wich sample rate should be chosen??
    Are there anti alias filters integrated?

  28. Chris says:

    Hi, been trying to get the presets to work in Cubase 5 on Mac OSX. But no luck … The synth does not seem to find them, even though I put them in the right folder …
    Any tricks or hints? Any help is welcome…
    From what I’ve heard… it sounds awesome … but still no presets …
    Thanks in advance!

    • brendanbe says:

      It appears that either it doesn’t work on Macs or only on certain programs. I have it installed in Garageband and the front of the synth shows but no sounds. I can sort of access it through Ableton Lite but it’s a bit of a faff and not the usually interface I’m used to working with. There other posts here that suggest ways to get it to work and you may have some luck there…or maybe wait to see if anyone works out a universal version of the OBX

      • ajkandy says:

        Live supports both Mac VST and Audio Unit (AU), but if you have both installed, it may see one but not the other.

        In a quick test I did last night, the plugin showed up correctly in Live 9, but it was impossible to browse presets – at first, all you can see in the native Live interface is a very long scrolling patch menu filled with “Default” over and over. I will do more tests tonight to see if the AU version shows up correctly.

        Since the ~/Library/ folder is invisible by default in newer versions of OS X, you cannot browse to that location from inside the app to find the Presets, unless you do some command-line hacking to enable it to be visible.

        As I noted in another comment, it would be very useful for the plugin to have a native method for installing new patch banks, and a direct UI on the plugin for switching banks and selecting patches (menus, folders, autocomplete search using Spotlight API etc.). Users should NOT have to mess around in the ~/Library/ folder or do command-line hacks just to get a softsynth working… :)

  29. JJ says:

    This is my favourite VST synth by far. Way better than all my paid VST synths. I actually get inspired using this! (thats saying something for me, I tend to prefer hardware, analogue and digital).

    Whats the likelihood of a paid version on iOS (iPhone and iPad) like Crystal synth etc.?? I would snap it up in an instant!

  30. Andy says:

    This synth sounds pretty sweet, really well executed. is there a git somewhere? just curious.

  31. James says:

    could the new version please have the ability to ‘right-click’ and have the ability to ‘load preset’?

    • ajkandy says:

      Yes, and the ability to install/copy new presets through the app, and/or have them live outside the Library folder? Under OS X, the ~/Library/ folder is hidden by default, and while you can access it in the Finder with an option key, it’s impossible to access through file dialogs like Live’s Load Preset. In any case, it doesn’t seem to detect the presence of anything in a /Presets/ folder – it seems a bit wonky.

  32. Captain Whiny says:

    Hey, I’d settle for a simple extra AD-envelope or ramp-generator… ;) (As long as it’s independent from the two main EGs.)
    This shouldn’t have to mean a crowded/messy/overkill-looking panel. Merely two (2) more buttons in the GUI, but opening up to a whole world of possible sounds in the vein of later Oberheims such as the Xpander and Matrix 12.

    P.S. I wouldn’t be hounding you so badly about this stuff if it wasn’t for the fact that I think you have created the best sounding Oberheim-type sound engine out there!
    Now, whenever I have a slightly more expressive/complex sound in mind, I am forced to reach for other synth plugins with more modulation possibilities. However, none of them can match the sheer analog “oumpff” of the OBXD sound engine…

    • 2DaT says:

      Indeed Matrix 12 and Xpander are more complicated than ob-x. Those synths can be called semi-modular because of their extensive modulation possibilities. Not that “warm” compared to ob-x because of more stable oscillators and different filter.Not to say about famous “sizzle” of cem based filters.

      It’s almost impossibe to build authenic one without owning a real deal. Those are really expensive nowadays. Maybe when i get rich , i’ll buy one :D

  33. Donny says:

    I’m new to all this, but is there some secret society keeping the average person from figuring out how to play a VST instrument in Logic or anything? I’m serious, I can find out how to breed a labradoodle or build a 3d printer, but I can’t find one clear video or tutorial on how to load a VST in Lgoc Pro X. Step by step, how do you do it?

    • You can’t, Logic uses AU plugins. Most plugins for Mac come in an AU version. Logic scans the AU plugins while starting up. After opening and selecting software instrument channel, hold the slot below the I/O on the left and select an AU instrument.
      It might be a little different in X, I only have 9, but basically it’s the same.
      If there really is no VST version for Mac you need a plugin chainer like Bidule, Kore 2, Vienna Ensemble Pro, etc. Then you open the plugin chainer as AU in Logic and open the plugin you need in the plugin chainer.
      Good luck!

    • Niels is right. Another thought is to use the VST in another DAW, then either 1. use ReWire to run that DAW along with Logic or 2. export that VST’s track as audio, then import that audio it into Logic. At any rate, the AU version of this synth seems to run well in Logic Pro X.

      • Donny says:

        I see it is going to be a long painful journey, but I am willing to try and pay my dues. :-) Any way, here are some questions and I would sincerely appreciate your time and effort in responding.

        I am seeing obxd in Logic under AU Instruments – Datsounds – obxd. How I did this I have no idea. I put the obxd component file in HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/ Components and the obxd VST file in the VST directory.

        Dumb question #1. Is this .component file the “AU version”?

        Any way, When I play this in Logic Pro X it sounds like some kind of very generic analog synth. However, when I try to select any of the obxd 127 presets, they all sound the same. No change at all. I opened the VST version of obxd in Cubase LE AI Elements and the same thing is happening – all the presets sound the same (and are just labeled generically).

        Any ideas on what I am doing wrong please?

      • Logic looks for plugins in HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and Username/Library (Hidden)/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and for presets in Username/Library (Hidden)/Audio/Presets/Datsounds/Obxd.
        You can access your hidden user library folder by opening the finder, select “Go” from the above drop down menu and hold the Alt key. The Alt key makes your user library visible. Then go to the folder and copy all presets you downloaded to it.

  34. Donny says:

    Thank you very very much Niels. I am now able to play a boat load of presets. I don’t want to wear out my welcome or go too far off topic, but I fully realize you and others are lightyears above me in understanding this. I can get by using my DAW to record and arrange, but other than learning by trial and error, searching endless forums… are there any good resources to learn more about software synths and other plug ins – how they work, how to use them…? Books, videos, specific sites or forums? I’m talking starting with basics then moving on. Or does one have to learn all this “on the street”? I think it is fascinating.

    As for just learning about synthesis, you might think I am being weird, but I am seriously thinking of buying the Korg Littlebits kit to really learn about synthesis. Seems like that kind of hands on learning would be useful.

    Oh, one other question. Anyone have anything close to the classic Lyle Mays lead using obxd?

    • You’re welcome :)
      Learning a program fully delays what you probably want to do – make music. If I try to do something and it doesn’t work I try the manual, the help function, then Google. Usually there’s already a thread.
      Remember the invisible User library of OSX, a lot of programs use it and it’s easy to get lost in file structures of operating systems.

  35. Obxd user says:

    Would be amaizing if there was an iOS version of this as an app with the ability to save and load patches

  36. Steve says:

    I haven’t yet had an opportunity to really play with OBXD, but I have found an issue when working with Fruity Loops 11 – if using the 64-bit VST, loading an FXB preset file does nothing, and the list of presets is empty. If I load the 32-bit VST, presets can be loaded without issue. I don’t know if it’s an OBXD issue or an FL11 issue, but this problem has been around for several months so far as I can tell.

  37. Obxd user 2 says:

    I second Obxd user’s motion about porting this to iOS – should be pretty straightforward to do this since it was made in Juce, right? Adding Audiobus and Inter-app audio support would be a necessity if it were done though.

  38. Hanz Meyzer says:

    Wonderful very retro-like sounding synth, thanks!

  39. Andy says:

    How do you install this on Mac? I can see the “Obxd.component” file but no idea how to run it, can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks

    • brendanbe says:

      I think some people have found a way but I’m not sure how to get it to work on mine through Garageband. The face of the synth comes up but there is a problem in that the presets don’t load. There are some earlier posts from people who have succeeded but their tips didn’t work for me.
      I can get it to run badly on Ableton Lite but it’s a right faff to load presets and I’m a big novice with Ableton so waiting for a good solution for Macs and GB

  40. harry S says:

    I I seem to be having trouble with the installing this as after downloading it from the link I uncompress the zip file all I have is a dll file (no exe etc?.) Am I doing something stupid or has anyone else had thsi problem? thanks

    • ZonderP says:

      Luckily not everything does need an installer…
      Just copy the extracted DLL (it IS the OBXD synth VST plugin) into your ‘Shared VST Plug-ins’ folder – or – if you wish a new subfolder called e.g. ‘OBXD’. That’s it.
      Maybe your host needs to do a rescan of this folder for OBXD to become visible to it..

  41. Duca_v2 says:

    I’m running OBXD in Logic Pro X and it sounds great.But a problem is that I can’t make it save all my midi learn settings. I read above that saving a fxb file would do it, but in logic the file format is different and the midi learn settings seem not to be included.
    When using Logic Pro’s controller assignment, I manage of course to keep them and they work for all knobs, but not the buttons. Seems like the values transmitted from Logic’s control mapping to OBXD – albeit being actually learned – can’t make the button switch and by changing the controller settings in any ways (i.e. direct/toggle/scaledetc and the multiplier) I can’t manage to transmit more than 0 and some value lesser than 1.
    I think this would need a fix?

  42. harry S says:

    HI ZonderP thanks for your suggestion, I had done a rescan etc but it hadn’t worked but you did help me solve it as I put it in the vst folder the way as I downloaded ( in 2 further subfolders) so it seems Ableton it couldn’t see it. Once made it level of one simple folder & then rescan it worked!
    Thanks once again! cheers!

  43. Sagar says:

    Hi Guys.

    First, great soft synth. I was looking for some great Oberheim sounds, and after playing around with this I can tell it’s going to be really good.

    Has anyone ‘ported the main presets library over to AU format already? I went on the presets page on KVR, but everything appears to be in Windows-friendly FXP/FXB format.

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can’t wait to try out the presets on my Mac in Logic.


    • Sagar says:

      And that sound you hear is me smacking my forehead as I scroll up and see the section clearly marked “AU Patches”.

  44. Maxim says:

    FAQ: why is the triangle always on? Is it on the orignal the same ??? If not, seems to be a bug.

  45. alienimplant says:

    Outstanding synth. I am totally impressed. Where’s the built-in donate button?

  46. Dboy says:

    The demo on youtube sounds great but, alas, my trusty old cpu won’t run the VSTi. Can you provide a non-SSE2 build please? Many thanks.

  47. Congratulations for the great Obxd!
    I really love it.
    I am a Mac user and I’m using Obxd with my Roland RE-501.
    The sound is wonderful …
    I’m using the VST version, and my DAW is Digital Performer.
    I’d like to know if there is any way to make program change with my controller…
    Thank U.
    Congratulations one more time!

  48. Chris says:

    Hi and first of all really… thank you.

    I see many people are having problems with presets, now i know c/c++ but have never done JUCE, but you gotta start somewhere right :)

    I was thinking a left and right arrow either side of the preset name, so as to move fwd/bwd just under the logo. Simple and easy. hopefully :) Saving loading might bring different problems. So I start simple.

    if/when I get it done I re-up it to you, Your certainly welcome to mail me, if you have any tips/pointers/advice in doing this. Just want to make your program better.

    And thanks again for it.

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