While not copying originals, some of the features were taken to a better point. Continuous blendable multimode filter (HP-Notch(BP)-HP in 12 dB mode and 4-1 pole in 24 dB mode). VAM button is last played note allocation mode. 32 and 64 bit versions included.





VST Patches

KVR list



AU Patches

KVR community patches

AZur Studio Bank


184 thoughts on “About

  1. Captain Grumpy says:

    And I would pay for it! (As would a lot of people, doubtlessly…) :)

  2. Hanzel Meyzer says:

    Here is a OSX 10.9 / 32 bit build VST/AU that includes the latest sources from the original win version:

    No clue if everything works fine. So try at your own risk. Seems to work here.

  3. Simon Grey says:

    this is incredible ! i am a OBxa owner, finally something for MainStage that i can work with ! much respect !

  4. Thanks !…amazing instrument !

  5. Nomar Avlis says:

    This is a nice synth that sounds convincingly analog. Doesn’t have that cold, digital sound of most plugins. I love the filter. I can just open it slowly and enjoy the sound. I honestly would pay for this synth.

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