While not copying originals, some of the features were taken to a better point. Continuous blendable multimode filter (HP-Notch(BP)-HP in 12 dB mode and 4-1 pole in 24 dB mode). VAM button is last played note allocation mode. 32 and 64 bit versions included.


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  1. Attention mac Users — This is How to Get the presets to load into garageband … go to the hidden library (hold option and go from the top menu) clik Audio –clik Presets- this presets folder is where you should put the Datsound and Obxd folders that you downloaded —- now open the Obxd folder here you will find all the folders of presets from bass all the way down to voices , start with the bass folder — open it and drag them all to the desktop, now go back to the dat sound folder and click it now you will have the obxd folder — drag all the basses from the desktop into this obxd folder — now repeat this process for all the other folders of presets .( i discovered this by editing one of the blank defaults ,then i saved it ,then i was able to load back my edit,so i figured that the downloaded presets should live in the same place, so i found the location of my edit ,and put all the downloaded presets in there ,and it worked / i know little about computer file paths so i have written this parrot fashion for people like me ) enjoy the obxd its a great thing, yours sincerely Dave w (guitar player)…

    1. Hello there, does anybody knows how to get the player and presets into ableton live? it would be a big help! thanks

    2. Hello David

      The only downloaded presets are .fxb files and I don’t find any preset folderS.

      I copied and pasted these .fxb files in the library/audio/presets/datsounds/OB-xb folder but it does not work with Garageband ’11

      What did I miss?


      1. Same. The .FXB files are grayed out and cannot be opened when in Logic or GarageBand. Did you find a way to load them?

    3. Hey David. The downloaded files were FXB files and not folders full of presets. The FXB files don’t open in OS X. Do you have any suggestions?

      1. I assume that the Logic version is an AU (component) and cannot read FXB or FXP files, so Logic/GarageBand users are out of luck. but if anyone figures this out, please let me know.

  2. A super synth, works great and sounds lovely… (I’m using Logic Pro X) with lots of good presets to get my teeth into too! Thanks for sharing this little beauty! 🙂

  3. amazing synth, used it on ableton for now but want to also be able to use it in logic. i’m still using logic pro 9 – it says that 32- and 64-bit is included in the download, but have tried running the install package and moving the plugin into the components system folder manually but logic pro 9 still does not find the synth. anyone on logic pro 9 here who’s had similar issues?

  4. For Mac users struggeling with loading presets in Ableton Live. In Finder hold alt key and click “go to” > Library
    Go to Audio -> Presets and create new folders “Datsounds” and “Obxd”
    The path has to look like this

    Paste all your presets.

    Now in the live browser go to your AU plugins > Datsounds and click on the arrow next to “Obxd” and all your presets will show up.


      1. Same problem with Logic Pro 9.1.8, not with Logic Pro X, so I suppose you use Mainstage 2 and not Mainstage 3. Install the old version (0.1.0) of OB-Xd and all should be ok.

  5. I’m trying to install the Mac version.

    I click on the OB-Xd installer.. It starts to run.. Goes through step1.. Skips step 2 for some reason.. After the installation stage it just say that installation failed. I could do the install manually but I can’t see and vst files in the download.. Any ideas? Thanks – Sam

  6. Yes, I’m a complete newbie to installing things like this. I’m really deep into Logic Pro X though. Maybe some nice person will tell me where to put the presets folder? I’ve got the plugins in the right place. I can figure out the skins from the YouTube tutorial. The installer just created a folder and didn’t put it anywhere except the downloads folder.

  7. This synth sounds great! I’m on 1366 x 768, and the skin doesn’t completely show up in Live. The right side is missing, meaning I can’t control release times. Any suggestions?

    1. I think there is an error with the classic skin. Is the wrong size. I believe is sized for version 1.2. You might try the Blue skin instead, which is sized correctly.

  8. I cannot record in automation of any OBXD parameter inside Logic Pro X. Anyone else having same problem? Would love to know a fix if there is one…

      1. Found it out.
        1. Add OBXD
        2. In the device pane, expand the details (icon left of the wrench), select configure
        3. Double-click on the OBXD-control of your choice to make it automatable

        4. For midi hardware-mapping: Right click the newly created automation-parameter and select “Edit MIDI Map”
        5. Wiggle your desired slider or knob to create a new map.

  9. Did anyone managed to get The Camera Eye preset? I’m on a Rush tribute band, and just found this VST, and it works with Mainstage. SUPER. But I need The Camera Eye.

    Anyone knows where can I get it, or at least instructions on how to program it on OB-XD?

    Really appreciated

      1. Awesome. Looking forward to it.
        BTW, I took a picture of the other VST (The commercial one) using that patch, although the controls are different, still I managed to get in the ballpark of the basic sound. I’m missing the arpeggiated part that comes later in the sustain. Any ideas how can that be done?

      2. My God, the sound was already there. It was the LFO. I only needed to turn it on and crank the depth up. Amazing. I can send you the patch if you like.

      3. Martin, that would be awesome if you send through the patch! (andrew@hazzardsound.com)
        I’m going through all the synth sounds Geddy from rush used, I do wish I had a minimoog though!!!

  10. First off this synth is the bees knees! Im using this on fl studio 12 with windows 8.1. Where would i find synths that I’ve made or tweaks I’ve made to a preset? i don’t see a ‘save as’ button so i don’t really know where the auto save is going. I haven’t changed the location of anything yet since downloading. Again, good shit.

  11. I have been playing with this VST for a while now, first 32bit and now the 64bit in Ableton Live 9.7 it works a treat. I had an OBX back in the late 80s early 90s so it has been a trip down memory lane for me. I still have some tape backups. Does anyone know a way of getting the preset data from a tape dump from a real OBX into OBXd?

  12. I have a question. Is there a way to have the modulation kick in a couple seconds after attack? I mean, I want the unfiltered sound to play normal, then after a few seconds, the filter should kick in. Is there a way to do that?

      1. I imagine you guys must be using PC. I have several instances of the instrument in Apple’s Mainstage, in many of my Rush patches, and CPU hardly goes over 10-15%. I even have some of them layered on the same zone, one with the basic sound, and the other with an LFOed version with 3 seconds attack, to recreate Rush’s The Camera Eye patch. Amazing stuff.
        Are you sure you are using the 64 bit version of the VST?

  13. The last version is fine, working not only in Logic Pro X, but also in Logic Pro 9. The choice of different skins is great… but there’s an annoying bug : when I click on the “next preset” button in Logic, the following preset is not selected but “Default” preset. I use aupresets to organize the presets (with folders “Bass”, “Keys”, “FX”, etc.) and all was working flawless with the old versions (before the 1.3). So, I don’t know what to do…

    1. Hi C++, I’m on the latest Mac OX using Logic and GarageBand. The presets I downloaded were in .FXB format (banks with FXP presets inside them) and the Mac doesn’t open those FXB files. Were the presets inside folders for you, or were the packaged in an FXB file? Need some help getting these presets to load in Logic on Mac. Any input would be helpful.

  14. Sounds great! curios to know , where can you find the MIDI routing section. Im in need to route some CC2 (Breath) . possible? thanks!!!

  15. raaaad synth! ~can anyone help walk me through the basics of changing the skin on garageband? i’ve tried to find it on my own but i’ve not had much luck looking online. i wouldn’t mind the normal skin but part of the synth is always off-screen and some of the parameters are unreachable

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  17. Everything works fine with Ableton Live, bu I can’t load the banks on Digital Performer 9 (OSX 10.9). Any suggestions? Thank you very much

  18. How to load presets for Mac users in Logic and GarageBand: It’s not very intuitive and took me half a day to figure out but here it is. You Command-Click anywhere on the OBXD UI panel, then a dropdown shows up containing two options for Skins and Banks. Choosing Banks will bring up the folder User/Library/Audio/Presets/Datsounds/OB-Xd/ and that’s where all those FXB files are supposed to go. Once you copy the banks into that folder you’ll see them come up when you Command-Click on the UI. Jeeze this was really hard to figure out!

  19. I understand perfectly how to access to the FXB files, but I find more convenient loading individual aupresets in different folders (Bass, Keys, Pads, Strings, etc.) localized in User/Library/Audio/presets/Datsounds/OB-Xd. These folders contain my favourite presets so it’s easy and fast to find any sound I need. The issue is that – since 1.3 – using in Logic to go forward or backward in the presets works with the FXB files, not the aupresets… so, what is the solution ?

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