8 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Does this VST sound close to the original OB-X? I would be nice to see a video demo… but playing something that’s well known, not just fiddling with controls using a boring monophonic sequence, a video playing a section of Jump from Van Halen, or Beverly Hills Cop theme or just the very first note of Tom Sawyer from Rush, all these famous song using the OB-X or OB-Xa. I looked in YouTube and there is a video for the OP-X PRO-II VST that has all the sound of famous songs from the 80s and it’s impressive, I’m pretty sure by now there are plenty of banks with these known presets that could be used to demonstrate the power and versatility of this VST and show how cool it is this.


  2. Hi , just wanted to thankyou for your amazing free obx – sounds great to me , I had another one but by another manufacturer but it would not play well on a mac , this is great , thanks so much , love it , and yes it sounds spot on like the real thing !!!

  3. does anyone use these “tools” to actually play music? or just make random stupid noises? no value here if it cant be demonstrated properly..

  4. the presets dont load on a mac I have done it on 3 machines. does anyone have patch sheets in pdf form or word?

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