While not copying originals, some of the features were taken to a better point. Continuous blendable multimode filter (HP-Notch(BP)-HP in 12 dB mode and 4-1 pole in 24 dB mode). VAM button is last played note allocation mode. 32 and 64 bit versions included.


372 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a nice synth that sounds convincingly analog. Doesn’t have that cold, digital sound of most plugins. I love the filter. I can just open it slowly and enjoy the sound. I honestly would pay for this synth.

  2. I cannot get Cubase 5 to recognize this VST. I have tried everything. I am running Cubase 5 32 bit in Windows 8.1 64 bit. I have the 32 bit OBDX.dll in my Cubase5/VSTplugins folder and have mapped the Plugins manager to it and set it as my shared folder. I also have Analogfactory.dll from Arturia in there and it loads every time without fail. I have also tried putting it in other folders and it doesn’t work. I did see Cubase run the OBDX VST once, then it froze and disappeared never to return once I rebooted Cubase.

  3. This is seriously amazing. Thank you so much! I can’t seem to find a RUSH “The Camera Eye” preset. Has anyone made one? I very new to synthesis and I’m having a lot of trouble even adapting something close. Thanks!

    1. I have one. I can’t remember the link, but I can send it to you. It’s extremely close to the preset from The Camera Eye, and ironically is called In the Camera Eye lel

      1. I was wondering if you would share the preset with me as well. Just got into a band with some monster musicians and they want to do lots of Rush. \m/(>.<)\m/ Thank you.

  4. Excellent synth (using x64 VST on Windows, REAPER as DAW), but why it doesn’t reply to MIDI Program Change? selecting preset when using it for live performance is really a pain, unfortunately! Regards, Barbara.

  5. This is a sick plugin, I had been looking for these exact sounds for a long while because they are very necessary in the music market I work for. You have solved me a lot of trouble, nobody else out there had such a quality instrument with exactly what I needed and so many perfect presets!!!! Like others have mentioned in this thread, we would gladly pay for this plugin! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

  6. Thank you for this free plugin. i am having a problem though when loading the FXB sound banks. they crash OBXD a second or two after loading. i am using it on my old XP laptop.any clues?

  7. I own the Arturia V Collection, Waldorf bundle, Waves element, etc… and i use OBXD most of the time. I think you have found a part of what make a soft synth sound “analog”. The only thing i miss is an internal preset system. Congratulations and many thanks !

  8. When I open via Metaplugin in Pro Tools 10 on my Mac, OBXD only displays “Load Program” in the upper left. Clicking on that link opens up a selection of 128 empty defaults. I can’t find how to access the patches/banks folders. There’s nothing else on the top bar except the red button to close, the yellow button to minimize, and the “Load Program” link…

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.


  9. I purchased the Korg Legacy Collection bundle this week. Been wanting it for a decade. $200 well-spent. But today I found OBXD in my backup hard drive and decided to install it. I’ve been having so much fun with it. It just keeps getting better. My opinion doesn’t matter…but for me to have more fun with something that I downloaded for free is something. OBXD just works. Where do I donate? I want to donate. I cannot use this plugin for free!


    1. Wow! That track is awesome, brother. It sounds like something from a movie. Like when something bad happens and then all is getting fixed and the next scene comes with the protagonist ready to do whatever. I loved the chord progression. This OBXD synth is something else!

  10. has anybody heard or not if this soft synth is ever going to get updated so that the loading of presets problem many are having will be addressed? i would love to use this plugin, but cannot access presets

    1. Although presets are a nice thing to have, I must humbly state that the biggest thing this synth has going for it after its sound, is its tweakability. It’s your choice in how you use it, obviously, but no preset you load will compare to the rewarding feeling that tweaking it provides. I respect your choice, but do not miss out on it just because of preset loading and saving. That would be like owning an exotic car but riding in the passenger seat. =P

  11. Hi there,

    This is a great sounding synth! Can anyone help me. All the presets are called default in my Mainstage 3 setup. How can I load the factory patches? And I mean not one by one?

    Many thanks, Frans

  12. i hzve an ob-xa itry to program pathes on it with obxd reference, it’s not exactly the same, the browser in mac osx yosemite doesnt work, in logic pro X , you can just load one time because there is no folder to put the presets, in windows 7 ableton, evrything worl fine but you have to browse the patches manyally , very boring , but the obxa have a big sound, if they could ad a browser more human with a button to change patches it would be amazing, if somebody want to share original wav ob-patches with me it could be cool for us.

  13. Logic pro X and obxd work perfectly, you just need to open the finder just click on the 6th icon with the wheel and select show the option of presenting in the botton of the list ( for me its in french), just after a windows is opening and check at the botton show the libray, just put the presets in audio/presets/Datsounds/obxd and that’s all , you can chosse the preset you want by just clicking in a button like an evoluate plugins, all the bank are showed in the obxd you dont have to go anymore and search the folder , all is beconig automatic.

  14. Can’t get the presets work on Mac, but never mind, I am able to tweak the sounds myself. The sound of this synth is absolutely stunnig, probably the best virtual analog synth I have ever heard!

    1. Put sounds here:
      Open OB-Xd in Ableton Live.
      Press the Load Presets and Banks button of the OB-Xd plugin. (it is below the on/off button in the plugin square little window)
      It opens a dialog, and just look for the presets in the location said before….

      1. Claudio. Are you talking about the .fxb files? I’ve done this but they are all grayed out and I cannot select them when I try to load the presets. Any suggestions?

  15. Trying to figure out 1) where to install the VST preset files (*.fxp, *.fxb), and 2) how to access them from the OBXD UI. I had this working on a previous computer, but it died & i’m setting up a new one. Thanks!

    1. It doesn’t really matter into which folder you copy the preset files. Only thing to do is to remember where you put them once you want to use them 馃檪
      The original OBXD UI doesn’t support loading/saving of banks/presets. But most DAWS offer this possibility. If you are on Windows and are using a host which doesn’t offer loading/saving of banks/presets, then you may want to use my ‘patched’ version, which can – as only additional feature – load banks.
      Look further above in this thread for a post of mine (as a reply to Wet Dentist – September 15, 2015 at 7:40 pm), where you can find further instructions.

  16. Looks ands sounds great. Only problem is the presets are not categorised when using with Ableton. They’re just in one long list alphabetically, even with all the subfolders in ~/Library/Audio/Presets/Datsounds/OB-Xd/

    Any fix?

  17. Hi, sorry a noob question: I can’t find my library folder on my mac. How can I find it? And after that how can I install the plug in?

  18. does anyone know how to load the patches that are on this page? I am using the AU on a mac with ableton and i can see NO patch library pr chooser interface in the plugin at all! cheers..

    1. In Live, drag OBXD from its folder within the Plug-Ins folder in Live’s browser to the device area at the bottom of an empty MIDI track. You’ll see the OBXD UI above, and in the device area at the bottom of the screen, Live’s device widget which is controling the OBXD plug. Just below its title bar you’ll see the current preset’s name (probably “Default” if you haven’t done this before) and just to the left of it, two buttons to load and save presets or banks of presets. The load button is the one to the left. Click that button and you’ll see a file system dialog that will allow you to navigate to the location on your drive where the presets are stored. I’m on windows using VSTs, but I assume the procedure is similar on Mac.

      HTH !!!


  19. I am very noob, as what I write here and my question will confirm.

    Somebody was kind enough to give me a StudioLogic 880 keyboard and after much research and many experiments I’ve got it working nicely with pianos from TruePianos. I’ve even, the wrong side of 60, started having piano lessons. My teacher, a Mac man – I use Win10 -, showed me and praised OBXD, and I’ve now got that installed.

    I know I need presets to get it functioning (I don’t quite understand whether I need patches or banks). I got hold of KVR presets and placed them in a directory and then added that directory to those searched by Reaper when it’s looking for VSTs. I’ve tried as many options as I can think of for myself, but I can’t find a way of seeing the presets so that I can chose to use one in OXBD. I’ve an idea of what this process should look like from my teacher, but he’s using friendly Apple software and I’ve got Reaper, which I’m told is as good as I can get and very flexible but where there’s a lot to learn.

    I’ve found a mass of stuff in the net that tells me about synths, VSTs, FXBs, soundbanks, Reaper, OXBD, etc. but most of this is written at a level that is too advanced for me to make much of it.

    Can anyone point me to appropriate web documents or paper books that will get me pointing in the right direction and, as a start, able to use presets in OXBD?

    1. Hi John!


      First step : You want to use OBXD in Reaper. And if I understand, you are currently able to open it. Ok ?

      Second step : you have put your presets banks in a directory of your hard disk, but you don’t find them anywhere from within Reaper when you want to load them. Ok also for that second step of my question ?

      Tell us exactly in which directory you have put your presets. Don’t hesitate to write here a copy-paste of the full directory name, all its path include from C:\….. until the end of the directory name.

      Then with this exact information, I’ll reproduce on my computer the same directory, and containing the same presets you have downloaded from KVR, and with that I shall finally make a little video on Youtube which will help you to make exactly the same manipulation as those you will watch on the video.

      Ah, a last point… Don’t forget to tell me if you use Reaper 4 or the new Reaper 5.

      And my video will be done also in Windows 10, as your version of your operating system.

      I wait for the information I asked you above.


      1. Thank you very much, BlackWinny. I’m recovering from a minor operation but expect to be up and about tomorrow, and I’ll send you the information then.

        Best regards John Presland El 29/2/2016 14:09, “Obxd Synthesizer” escribi贸:

        > BlackWinny commented: “Hi John! Well… First step : You want to use OBXD > in Reaper. And if I understand, you are currently able to open it. Ok ? > Second step : you have put your presets banks in a directory of your hard > disk, but you don’t find them anywhere from withi” >

      2. Hello John.

        No problem, I wait for your answer to my questions above.

        Don’t worry, myself I need to undergo regularly MAJOR operations (in neurology) and with always very long times to recover, so I understand what you feel…

        When you feel you’re OK to bring the requested informations (the full directory name of the presets you want to load and your version of Reaper) you’ll copy-paste all that here then I’ll do the video and shall give you the Youtube URL direct to it.

        Don’t worry, recover quietly, and you’ll enjoy.


      3. Hi Jacques

        Thanks for your understanding. I sympathise with you, having to undergo neurology operations; my mother-in-law was a paediatric neurological surgeon, so I’ve an understanding of how serious such an operation can be.

        I’m back on my feet, a little later than expected, and able to give you the information you requested.

        You’re correct in the two steps setting out how you understand my problem.

        I’ve placed what I obtained from unzipping the KRV file in C:\VST Plugins\OXBD Presets\Jasinski\AJ- OBXD Lead and Synths.

        I’m using Reaper 5.15/64.

        Best regards

      4. Hi.

        I’m repeating the information I provided last time. I hope that this time you’ll see it and will be able to help me.

        Best regards

        Hi Jacques

        Thanks for your understanding. I sympathise with you, having to undergo neurology operations; my mother-in-law was a paediatric neurological surgeon, so I鈥檝e an understanding of how serious such an operation can be.

        I鈥檓 back on my feet, a little later than expected, and able to give you the information you requested.

        You鈥檙e correct in the two steps setting out how you understand my problem.

        I鈥檝e placed what I obtained from unzipping the KRV file in C:\VST Plugins\OXBD Presets\Jasinski\AJ- OBXD Lead and Synths.

        I鈥檓 using Reaper 5.15/64.

        Best regards

  20. Was very excited to find out about this plug in, but I don’t understand how to use it.
    I use Pro Tools 11 on a Mac. Normally, soft synths have an installer and automatically show up in Pro Tools. Could use a hand here, please. Apologies for the newbie questions.

    1. Yes you do. You can not run VSTs in ProTools. Blue Cat Audio Patchwork is fine too and Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol, which is free, works too!

    1. Do you mean you can see the plug-in in Live’s browser but it won’t open? Or do you mean you cannot see the OBXD plug-in in Live’s browser?

  21. Maybe someone can help me. Im new to VST hosted soft synths and I was able to load this into MuLabs but the OBxd only gives me two voices of polyphony! I know the interface has parameters for 8 voices. Im running it on a Mac OSX 10.6.3 and it does work but the poly is only 2 voices. If anyone can offer advise Id appreciate it. Very nice sounding soft synth!

  22. OBXD. It’s still the best free VA Synths on the Planet. Thats truly Arturia league. I don’t know why you don’t take money for that instrument? Idea (hit me up): Bring a new version and take 49-79 Bugs. You will see, the peeps still loves you.

    Thank’s for your great work.


    PS: OBXD is a part of all my releases.

  23. If you desire to get much from this piece of writing then you have to apply these techniques to
    your won blog.

  24. Could anyone get OB-Xd to work in GarageBand? Mine is ver 5.1 (’09).
    It won’t show on the list of other plugins even when both the VST and AU (component) are in their respective directories.

  25. This is the best free vst synth in existence period.I use it ALL THE TIME.Its better than LOADS of paid products out there! Incredible work! Expressive,warm,punchy,mad detuning.Perfect plugin.

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