OB-Xd v1.3

OB-Xd 1.2 Blue Theme
OB-Xd 1.3 Blue Theme

OB-Xd is updated to v1.3.

  • Compiled using dozius fork and Soshi Studio GUI code.
  • Included manual and presets.
  • Removed donations.



11 thoughts on “OB-Xd v1.3

  1. Thanks for keeping working on this. Any way to use the old GUIs built for the KVR version? I very much prefer the old layout.

  2. Blue Theme is included in the archive !

    All the themes are fine and OB-Xd is great. Thanks for this fantastic work ! My only complaint is that the AU in 1.3 release is not seen in the AU manager, so I had to reinstall the previous version. Hope a fix !

  3. how to install it is the problem im having.
    it says create obxd folder in documents and place the png in there that it.
    I need specifics because that does absolutely nothing but put a png file in a folder.
    Can anyone help.

  4. Ok i have been informed to take just the png file labelled main an put it in the folder that i created in documents folder labelled OB-Xd. When i opened the 1.3 version. it had changed to the blue skin.

  5. What are the requirements for the 1.3 version of OBX-D ?

    Is the AU version 32 and 64 bits or only 64 bits ?

    Thanks for your reply.

  6. Man, how I wish 2Datsounds would update/upgrade this masterpiece and improve the core sound engine in a new version.

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